This is a blog about our allotment. The plot is on the London Rd allotment in Coventry. We have plot 60 (when we took it on we had plots 59 and 60 hence the blog name but since then they have been combined to be one full sized plot).

On a personal level we are Esther, Tom and Sarah. Esther and Tom are partners and have a two sons, one is six this summer and the other has just turned one. Sarah is a very dear friend who is sharing the plot, she also has a small son and currently is rather too busy with him, work and life in general to get to the plot but we would love her to be able to come down more often.



  1. Hi my name is Marian

    I have a plot over in Stoke near to the old Peugeot site and am in the process of clearing it all.

    I like your site and appreciate you posting up the plot planning site it looks really useful and I will be using the 30 day trial at the very least.

    Seen as the London Rd site I wondered if perhaps you might know of any sheds going at the moment in the area.

    Many thanks,


  2. Hi Marian,
    Where is your plot? is it on the London rd allotments?
    They are the ones up on the top of Humber Rd up above the railway line by
    the Peugeot plant so not in fact on London Rd.. though they once went all
    the way through what is now the tip.

    As to sheds I don’t know of any specifically at the moment but why don’t you
    join the coventry allotments forum and ask there.


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