Posted by: estherreeves | March 3, 2010

The year creeps in with cold and snow!

Well so far the year has been very wet and quite a bit snowy and the amount of work possible on the plot is therefore a bit limited still.

That said we are getting there.  Of my ten point list for the winter so far we have done or are doing most of them

1) Clear out, clean and sort greenhouse. Finish the re-jig of the staging so there is a shelf underneath.

2) Move the fruit bushes and canes to where the potatoes were this year after preping the ground some more and build a fruit cage.  – hopefully Tom will finish this today.

3) get in manure and more compost. – some compost in, waiting on a manure delivery.

4) finish pallet fence – not finished but certainly getting there.

5) dig over the bottom area where the fruit bushes are coming out of right across to the lane , add manure and so forth ready for potatoes in the spring. – next big job but ground is very wet and heavy.

6) Rebuild the original raised bed. – decided it will live another year and are just weeding it.

7) Plant onions and garlic – done though not as many as I planned and quite late.

8 ) Move one possibly two apple trees from the top part of the plot to below the shed so we have an orchard area rather than them dotted around. Prep the ground properly first being careful not to have them in a hole in otherwise compacted clay soil. –  done .. both trees as were very waterlogged.

9 and 10 We haven’t done yet but arn’t to time critical.. well the hedge is because of nesting birds but we should have new neighbours on that plot soon and we can work it out between us.

We’ve been given some hedging by the allotment soc so have been trying to finish getting that in as soon as poss before it starts waking up. So far we have finished the top run but not the bottom end.

We have also been clearing out the piles of rubbish in the top corner and plan to put raised beds in there as it is a bit of a dead space plus we can’t guarantee to get rid of all the glass and metal so covering what remains with rough compost and planting things that stay there year on year seems a sensible plan, as the area slopes down rather we will terrace it too. Current plan is  probably three steps down which obviously get wider and wider as they come out of the point of the triangle. Top one we may plant some lemon balm in which we have been offered (apparently it is a very invasive form but the poor soil may slow it down ), then rhubarb (with lots of added muck in it’s bed) and probably flowers or possibly carrots in the last one (or both).

Potato wise we went to Potato day at Ryton again and got a few there Noddles (age six) got three types and I got some Anya and some Mayan Queen. I have a good amount of Red Duke of York on order which should be here any minute but have recently been told the main crop we ordered isn’t coming so I’m waiting for Tom to get back from Ryton to see what him and a friend have picked to replace that! All of these are going in the bottom end of the plot in the area the fruit bushes used to live in but a much bigger stretch which should mean that soil gets nicely worked this year.


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