Posted by: estherreeves | August 22, 2009

An open day coming up

We have an allotment open day next weekend, Sataday of the August bank holiday. As last time we areputting out tent up in case of british weather.

As to our plot I’m going to try and spend Friday there as Tom and our eldest are off to the grandparents and the small one is at nursary so it’s my first day without anyone for ages. It also means I can help with any prep for the open day.

We resorted to nemaslug in the end and touch wood they seem to have stopped eating the tomotoes in the greenhouse, though we did catch on in there today and there is still signs of trails. Fingers crossed we have another pumpkin coming, lets hope it survives this time. Corgettes are still going strong and we have got enough cucumbers to keep us going including one whte one, though as we put in four plants for those that is less good.. The tomatoes are ripening well though next year I will try and help the flowers set more as we have not had as many fruit as we could have. We also have several abergines developing well and a pepper or two.

Our runner beans finally started cropping well though the fact they are only on one side of the frame meant it kept blowing down, currently it is guyed out!

Potatoes wise most of the greenery has died down now but I’m not sure if that is normal death or blight, I suspect normal for most but blight for a few, those that disappeared very fats while we were on holiday. The Cara we dug and that wasn’t affected, two rows gave us about 9kg which is about a 1-9 return though one plant basically failed. Not too impressed boiled but noce as wedges.

The Mayan ones, the twiglight was great, the splot was not so nice!


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