Posted by: estherreeves | August 10, 2009


I know I haven’t posted for ages, it’s a combination of school holidays, persistant rain and a nearly a week on a canel boat. The last was fantastic and reminded me I do like being out in the country and having life simple. Some of the lock keepers cottages we pasted have no road access at all, just the canel and walking up the towpath or other footpaths, not sure I’m ready for quite that amount of isolation and we certainly couldn’t re-enact or at leats not without storage elsewhere but they were idilic looking and with a nice bit of land to go with it I’d give the idea a go. We met a guy doing one up so his family could move in and anotherhas a lady living in it who was bringing her shopping up by wheelbarrow and who has the most wonderful looking house and garden, plus she has a little stall on the side of the lock selling veg which is a great idea as the shopping canel side can be a little basic.

Anyway back to the allotment and the current bain of my life slugs !! All the damp weather has been perfect for them so much so not only are they eating everything outside they are even in the greenhouse and ate my first abergine and some of the ripening tomatoes which is really frustrating.. shouldn’t the heat dry them out too much ?? We are looking at ways to combat them but the worse thing was turning up one day to find my eldest’s cherished pumpkin full of holes. While all the young ones had been eaten they had left his big one alone till last week and I had hoped it was thick enough to put them off but unfortunatly not.

However we are still getting plenty of corgettes, cucumbers and gerkins, a few tomatoes are starting to ripen if we can solve the slug problem at least in the greenhouse. We did see a baby frog so hopefully there are other bigger slug eating relatives about too.

Potatoes mostly need digging as many of them are looking ill, not sure if it’s the start of blight or just run out of energy but I think we will get most of them up in the next week or two. We have dug the Mayan Twiglight (Twilight) as they were definetly getting tired.

Normal Mayan Twiglight and the sport on the right.

Normal Mayan Twiglight and the sport on the right.

The picture shows the normal ones on the left and the potatoes from the mystery plant next to them. I did find the original potato and it was definatly like the others so it is some sort of sport. Got nearly the same weight of potatos from that one plant as all the others together too. In general the Mayans didn’t do so well as some others but I might try them again with more manure etc worked in first as they are fun and different. Smallest thoug he shoudl be allowed to eat them uncooked!

can I eat them??

can I eat them??

More to say but that will have to do for now.



  1. Esther I really enjoy reading your blogs as it keeps me in touch with what is happening in yourlives and particularly the grandsons.
    I am pleased that you clearly enjoyed your holiday on AQ.
    Reading about your slugs problem reminded me that recently in a Costa coffee shop with a friend they had bags of old dry coffee grounds which you could take away. there are lots of uses including deterring slugs! Look it up on google and there are lists of useful suggestions. Jane x

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