Posted by: estherreeves | July 21, 2009

Rather Damp

The Lane and various tomatoes, our biggest cucumber, Noodle's pumpkin and warted Hubbard.

The Lane and various tomatoes, our biggest cucumber, Noodle's pumpkin and warted Hubbard.

It has been very wet in short bursts as is quite common this time of year. School is now finished for the year and I am trying hard to get happy enough in the big manual car I am able to drive it as I can’t fit both boys in a Smart car and while I can walk to the allotment it is to far for Noodles and he is not yet confident enough on his bike for it to e less effort to cycle. I also need to get my bike serviced so I can start riding that as well particularly as we have got a trainer for it.

The greenhouse is growing splendidly and if things continue we are going to be drowning in cucumbers even if just from the Improved Telegraph plants. All the tomatoes are doing well though none are turning red yet all of them are setting well. The peppers are finally thinking about flowers and the abergene has several and I think a couple of very small fruit developing. I think I should be a little less greedy on number of plants next year however and put the trough at the back and the individual bags at the front.

Noodles pumpkin is growing fast and we are starting to get regular courgettes. We have a fruit on the HSL Chicago Warted Hubbard and you can already see a ridged surface developing in contrast to the smooth surface of Big Max. My Big Max has no fruit on it as yet, not sure if that is the fact his went in a couple of weeks earlier or because his bed had manure and the rest did not.

The runner beans seem to be recovering from being chewed off at rabbit head hight and are flowering and the dwarf beans are developing pods as are the peas. Next year we need to put all of these in earlier and more of them.


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