Posted by: estherreeves | July 5, 2009

The Pumpkin that is actually a courgette or marrow

Now that it has grown a bit more it is obvious that the two plants i have labled as mum’s pumpkins are actually courgettes now the seeds from mum came out of a pumpkin in my presence so I can only assume I managed to mix up seedlings at some point and perhaps one of the courgettes will turn out to be a pumpkin who knows. It does mean we should have courgettes a bit earlier than I expected, I know many people have them already but we were late planting out most of the plants.

Otherwise  I have been hacking things up in the greenhouse!  Don’t worry not the plants, I have chopped the staging in half as I was not using it all and I planted too many cucumbers for the space available. So now i have four foot of staging not eight and the second half will make a shelf underneath when I have an extra pair of hands to hold it in place while I attach it to things. The cucumbers and gerkins now have a much more sensible amount of space and my moneymaker tomato is no longer about to disappear beneath them. I planted two types of cucumber rather mixed up and was worried I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart but even now when they are tiny they are easy to tell apart Telegraph Improved is long and green and White Wonder are a pale yellowy white which stands to reason really considering the name!

Small’s pumpkin is growing well and has been joined by several others on the plant, if this keeps up we may want to remove some of them as I think he would like to grow a really big one.

Apart from that all I’ve really done is hack down a few more weeds, started to try and sort some netting for the runner beans, found I didn’t have enough with me so it’s part done and dug half the row of Formost as the leaves are now looking very past it. The potatoes themselves look very good however, I got 4lb 8oz and couldn’t spot a single slug hole.

Potatoes this year have so far been very good and early this year cetainly for me and others around here. One of my neightbours who planted some main crops in a well manured bed is already digging them with very good results, his plants look spectacular.

No photos this post as the camera has gone away for the weekend with Tom and Noodles.Well apart from this one of lady Christl potatoes I took back along. We dug 6lb 2 oz in total of her.

Lady Christl

Lady Christl


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