Posted by: estherreeves | June 16, 2009

Rain, sun and some planting

Things are moving slowly along. The weather has been changeable but the plants seem to like it.

greenhouseAs you can see the greenhouse plants are growing well, in fact in the couple of days since that photo was taken the bigger cucumbers are now above the window level. You can also see the bamboo blinds which are helping a huge amount, they just cut down the light and heat enough so things aren’t actively scorching any more.

potatoesThe potatoes are filling out well too and very much need earthing up. We picked up another load of compost in the trainer so that will need to be done this week when we can. The Red Duke of York were very nice boiled and have got to be a contender to be rown again next year.

Hedge - you can see the mulch better than the actual plants !

Hedge - you can see the mulch better than the actual plants

Over the weekend we got given a bunch of hedging someone was grubbing out. It’s completely the wrong time to move such plants but we put them in anyway and will see if they survive. Being hawthorn they are pretty rugged so we can hope and even if only some survive we can then fill in the gaps with other things. It changes the feel of that part of the plot significantly and I now want to get the slabs moved into the box pallet or down the plot to make paths so we can level that part out between the shed and the crabapple and do something with it. Probably mainly planting perminat things like articokes. I want to grow something up the shed but haven’t decided what as yet.

Poles for a sun sail

Poles for a sun sail

We have also put some poles in to hang a sun sail from, ie a fabric shade and have started on the final incarnation (for now anyway) of the pallet fence. Tom is finally happy with how it is going together.

The fruit bushes are getting close to cropping now and we are considering making the whole of that area one big fruit cage but that will be a winter job clearing and building the frame.

Last but certainly not least today i finally managed to start clearing the bed on the other side of the path from the potatoes. We had cleared enough for two rows of potatos and a pumpkin but then needed to do other things and I’ve had lots of plants desperate to go in the ground. The ground is lovely to dig currently after the rain we have had so I managed to do about a metre and a half before it got to hot and dig some space the other side of the path to put the comfphery plants in to.

Sweetcorn intercropped with pumpkins.

Sweetcorn intercropped with pumpkins.

In this space I have put sweetcorn and pumpkins. To be precise 10 minipot sweetcorn and four others that are meant to be full sized cobs. The pumpkin by the potatoes is Big Max then I have intercropped the sweetcorn with two Mum’s pumpkins (ie seeds from a pumpkin she grew last year) and two Chicago Warted Hubard. Finally on the far edge near the path is a butternut squash and a round corgette. Intercropping sweetcorn with squashes of some sort and growing beans up the sweetcorn is a very traditional method of growing them called three sisters so I’m going to plant some beans next to each sweetcorn but forgot to take them down today.


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