Posted by: estherreeves | June 12, 2009

First Harvest

Finally we are starting to get actual food from the allotment all be it small amounts. It is a great thrill however to be able to pick our own food.

two types of lettuce, rocket, beetroot thinnings and mixed radishes

two types of lettuce, rocket, beetroot thinnings and mixed radishes

We were away last weekend and it was no loss gardening wise as the baking sun gave way to constant rain. It is finally brightening up again and I hope we can get some work done this weekend but everything has been happy to get some rain including the docks which shot up in the few days we were away. More importantly the peas and beans have all made appearances and the runners in particular are doing their standard speed growing now they are above ground. I hope the wetter ground means clearing the weeds to allow me to plant all the things still sitting in the frame will be easier than the baked earth we did have. Less watering in required as well. Today is sunny which if it holds should dry things out just enough for digging.

I will take the camera down the plot tomorrow and you can see how much the tomatoes and cucumbers have grown in just a few days. Next year I will try and pot them up a few weeks earlier as they were struggling in the small pots they were in. I still have a bunch outside like that and they are looking very stressed, though I’m not sure I really need them on top of the ones i have planted up anyway.

So far apart from the occasional strawberry I have picked a bowl of salad that you can see above and mid week we dug up one plant of Red Duke of York. There were some nice sized potatoes but there were also a good number of tiny pea sized ones so we will leave them a couple more weeks and should have a good number more I hope from each plant.

first Red Duke of York

first Red Duke of York

Yes they really are that brightly coloured too and Noodles can’t wait to try the pink potatoes as he calls them. The skin is very thin and the potato underneath is white so we will see how they cook up tonight.

I also planted a whole bunch of brassicas and leafy plant seeds in modules today so we will see how they go, some are a little late but I think it worth a go anyway.


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