Posted by: estherreeves | May 24, 2009

A sunny back holiday weekend, who’d have thought it !

British Bank Holidays are well known for being wet but not this one it seems. I always find the May holidays a bit funny and this time it just feels like we have jumped from one to another., due to where Easter was we had four weeks of school, including the first May bank holiday off and now we are at half term! I have never quite got why we have two bank holidays in May. The first is May day but why the second and why not have it in June or July to spread them out more?

Anyway what have we done?

our very rough lawn for playing on.Well I mowed the top part of the plot which helps make it look more kept though I really need to weed the first raised bed then you will be able to see down to the greenhouse before hitting any signifcant weeds or similar. I have left a stripe down the hedge side for wild flowers, partly because it is a ditch and bank and partly for the butterflies and bees.

bthe weedy bed in the foreground and the newly planted one after that.I planted up the whole of the middle bed, though it isn’t done in this picture but the camara ran out of power and we put out a pumpkin in Noddles bed covered in feece for a few days to get acclimatised.. We did more weeding and earthing up of potatos though there is still more to do and as always plenty to plant. We also planted the last few potatos and put in a path along the edge at the far bottom left courner. We plan to put a bench at the end of that path as it is pretty much the only place on the plot where you can sit in the shade of trees.

Finally we bought some bags at IKEA with the idea of using them as planters so watch this space to see if it works !!.


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