Posted by: estherreeves | May 22, 2009

A bit of pottering and potting

I have spend a few hours up at the plot this last week dodging the rain, though you can’t see much change compared to many of the jobs we have done in the past. Last Sunday we spent a short while up there before the rain hit but it was long enough for Tom and his dad to chop down the worst of the docks along the lane and allow us to put plastic down to try and keep them from coming back as vigerously.

Otherwise I have mostly been pottering around, moving plants into the hardening off frame, then bringing more from home. I also weeded the two new raised beds and planted out my rather sad looking broad beans but I thought I’d give them a chance as they have sat in pots so long. I need to get some other things into that bed. The other bed was half planted a couple of weeks ago with seeds which are starting to show if you look very carefully.

In that bed, sowed across the bed, so each row is about a metre long, are the following. From right to left looking from the greenhouse.

2 rows Parsnip – Gurnsey from Heritage seed library – rather late but I thought worth a try even if they were only baby ones.

Carrots -Karvnavit (showing), John’s Purple and Chanternay red-cored (showing)

Beetroots – Bolthardy(good showing) , Detroit 2(showing) and Di Chiocchia (one or two just coming up)

with some radish between the last two rows which are already doing well.

I have divided the other end of the bed into 12 (+3 halfs) approx one foot sq areas and planted up some young rocket, Lollo Rossa and Parella Red lettuce I had started in seed trays. I will try and plant other salad and herbs in the rest this weekend.

The potatos continue to grow well. The Pink fir apple are now showing properly and the other that were planted after them are coming through as well.. Everything else is showing well and the Mayan Twilight have an interestingly different leaf compared to the rest, though they seem more variable from plant to plant than most of them. I will try and take close ups of each type once they are growing well to show you the differences


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