Posted by: estherreeves | May 16, 2009

A less than perfect Sataday

box crates

box crates

Well the weather wasn’t very good today and we had various jobs to do so we didn’t get to the plot but weather willing we will tomorrow.  We did however get down a couple of times this week and now have several box pallets scattered round the place. These were from some builders down the road from us who were putting new paving in and were very happy for us to take them rather than throwing them in their skip.

One has been made into a makeshift cold frame with some fleece to harded plants out in. Another couple are to be used as holding bays for now for such things as plastic sheet which doesn’t need to be inside and a couple are earmarked as the basis of a play house!



Tom also layed a bit more of the patio next to the shed, on the sheltered side and tried to put in a pallet fence to keep small people contained. However the ground was so hard at the beginning of the week it he was struggling getting posts in and after splintering one of them decided to wait till either the ground was softer or he had the matok with him.

The potatoes are coming on well, the red Duke of York is particularly vigourous and it and Swift are already heading toward flowering. As I don’t think i put the list up by the 26/4/09 we had planted the following

2 Colleen in a tyre for Smalls
main plot
Row 1 Formost (9) – several weeks earlier
row 2  Red Duke of York (8) – several weeks earlier
row 3 Lady Christi (4) swift (5) – several weeks earlier
Row 4&5 Cara (14)
Row 6 Santa (9)
Row 7 Desiree (9)
Row 8 Mayan Twilight (5) International Jersey (4)

All of which are now up and visible

rows 1-5 plus extra row at end.

rows 1-5 plus extra row at end.

Then we put in  3.5 rows of Pink Fir Apple and part rows of Organic Milva, Cartriona,Organic Remarka, Moulin Rouge and Salad Blue. The pink fir apple are just starting to show as are one or two shoots of some of the others but even the few days between these and rows 4-8 is noticable.

The only ones still to go in are Highland Burgundy Red and the single ones we got from a friend mostly because we reached the end of the area we had laid out for potatos and want a trailer access across the plot at that point !

The other main thing I’ve been doing is startin to lay the path along side the potatos a bit more formally. Currently it is cardboard weighed down with some random bits of slabs which I am gradually trying to make into a crazy pathing path, so more slab less cardboard visible.



We did buy a hoe while out and about which we need badly as the weeds are growing faster than we can keep up with. We did try the strimmer we own off a car battery but our invertor doens’t give enough power and anyway the strimmer is a bit light weight so we will have to look at other options. I would love a proper sythe but I think it will depend what the other options are and how much they cost.


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