Posted by: estherreeves | May 5, 2009

much potato planting and compost

We have found a place on the other side of Coventry that does industrial sized composting and they are happy for us to come and take trailer loads of it. For them our little 1/2 a ton at a time trailer is minute amounts, their scoop on their digger picks up about 3 ton at a time ! That does mean we have to shovel it by hand but as it’s pretty much free it’s not a problem. We did give them a few quid but for the price of a bag at B&Q we got a couple of tons of rough compost, some of which went to another plot as they helped collect it.. When I say rough it seems pretty good but still has twigs and such in it . So far we have used it to fill several raised beds and cover potatoes with but if sieved it could be sued for seed beds and so forth I think, with the bigger bits going back in the compost bin.

We now have about 13 rows of potatoes in which fills one half of the bottom square end of the extra part of the plot. This photo of Treestump shows you what it looked like before we weeded.

before weeding

before weeding

This is afterwards, weeded, potatoes put down on prewatered ground and covered by compost.. a lot less effort than digging as even after rotervating the soil is still pretty heavy. Hopefully the potatos growing and the compost will help improve that a lot for next year.

potatoes planted

potatoes planted

You can see the cardboard and broken slabs that are the base of the path that runs down the middle of this section. There will be a wide path running parallel with the top row of potatoes to the road so we can bring the trailer in. The bottom  left corner is the edge of the current pile of compost.

These are the first three rows that were planted the traditional way a few weeks ago, they are all first earlies and growing fast.

First Earlies

First Earlies

We have also got some seeds in to the raised beds, mostly root vegs like carrots, beets etc. I plan to get hoops and nets up before they sprout to stop the rabbits eating them and to plant more things like spinach, peas, beans and so forth. I am also moving plants from home to the greenhouse and need to sort out some of cold frame or similar for hardening off.

This coming weekend we have an Open day and plant sale. seed swap so watch this space for a report on that. Also check my craft blog for more pictures.


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