Posted by: estherreeves | March 31, 2009

It\’s quite sunny really

Yes I know such a title is bound to make the weather bad but honestly my skin is getting darker and everything!

No photos this update as I forgot to take the camera down with me.

This weekend there wasn’t much time as we did a lot of moving things about and putting new shelves up at home then had visitors most of the rest of the weekend. However i did get down to the plot for a short time while Tom and the boys went to Jamjambomerang, a local play centre with friends.. I am suffering from aching limbs sort of like when you get flu but without any other symptoms, it is one of my bodies normal reactions to toxins but i’m fairly sure I’ve not eaten gluten. It’s possible it’s a side effect of the sickness bug i had a couple of weeks ago.. who knows.. anyway it means my digging ability is less than ideal so mostly i pottered. I was additionally hampered by not having any secateurs with me so I got a bit more barbed wire out of the hedge and did some weeding round the fruit bushes.

Tuesday I got back down and this time with secateurs. I planted the third row of potatos ( about one row is my limit currently for digging it seems but one row at a time gets there eventually.)

I then attacked the hedge and removed more barded wire but I also pulled out most of the ivy that was smothering the old hedging plants (mostly hawthorn I think).. since they were cut back hard late last summer most of them are valiantly trying to shoot from various places on the trunks so removing the ivy has to help. I also took out all the dead wood I could and some but not all the brambles. I see no harm in leaving some as long as they don’t get out of control and they fill gaps till we have something to interplant with. Still plenty fo hedge to clear yet though.

Finally I started to clear the bottom corner near the lane. This is part of the old hedge and I asked to keep it. The plan was to chainsaw it to clear the area but in amongst the brambles there is at least one plum tree which was heavy with fruit the autumn before last (I didn’t look last year). I love trees and wanted to try and rescue this one. The tree is covered with brambles currently right up to the top and some of the stems are as thick as the tree branches so making sure I cut the right ones was interesting. I’ve cleared most of the lane side though not the ones in the top of the tree as brambles are really hard to pull down out of a tree and I nearly had a serious accident involving a thorn breaking off and getting in my eye after which I was a bit more wary about pulling to hard.. that and I thought the brambles might be stronger than the tree branches.!  I’m working on severing the main stems so the brambles are not connected to the ground so at least they will just be dead wood then we can worry about pruning and removing the higher bits later. Unlike most trees plums shouldn’t be pruned dormant anyway and it is only just starting to wake now.

The last few plots down the end of the lane including the ones nick-named the lost gardens are rapidly coming back inot use as our new intake of gardners get to work. it is amazing how fast some of them manage to clear a plot! Even with every plot taken we will still have a waiting list it seems which in many ways is wonderful as not so long ago much of the site was over grown..


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