Posted by: estherreeves | March 13, 2009

Walking and old allotments

Yesterday Treestump was nto impressed when Tom took Noodles to school and left him at home.. he likes his walk i the morning so I decided on bineg presented with his coat we might was well go out and I’d see what it was like to walk to the plot.. I was pleasantly surprised by the walk and indeed my own ease at doing it. We didn’t stay that long at the plot as he was tired and we dont’ yet have ti sorted so he can have a nap there but soon i hope to and then we might start dropping Noodles to school and  head up to the plot for the morning or even a day at times.

On the way back I tried to get a better look at the currently over grown plots between the allotments and the railway.. the railway people have been cutting down trees near the track so you can see in better at the moment.

Then I also popped up the footpath that runs from Humber Rd to London Rd to see what the old Terry Rd allotments look like now.  You can see them on the map on my side bar.

Looking Back to Humber Rd

Looking Back to Humber Rd

They are very overgrown and not at all worked at the moment but it has a lovely feel in there. They are hemmed in by two high railway embankments, one still in use, which gives the feel of a hidden valley and of course because of that can only be accessed via the foot tunnels under those two embankments, though I think there is access at the Terry Rd end.

Looking south towards the London Road allotments

Looking south towards the London Road allotments

I didn’t go farther as I decided walking back from London rd was a bit to far for one day but I certainly intend to do the whole route soon as it seems quite well maintained and it would be interesting to another side of that area now while it is less covered in growth.

Lookinh North across the main part of the site

Looking North across the main part of the site

The Tunnel goes through to what is left of the rest of the old London Rd allotments and of course the Tip. It’s smaller and quite long, so quite dark.

Through to the Tip.

Through to the Tip.


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