Posted by: estherreeves | March 9, 2009

Yet more slabs.

Didn’t get much done this weekend as it was grandparent visiting and the smallest decided to be ill just to add to the confustion.

That said we went to most of the monthly meeting.. it’s not really an committee meeting as it’s for all the plot owners now. I think i volunteered myself to co-ordinate things for a May Day event.. though probably mid May so people arn’t on holiday. It will be nice to have a social event for everyone, we haven’t been to anything like that for over a year what with babies and other things.

Tom did spend several hours with a couple of others moving more slabs so now we all have some big full sized slabs as well. I think most of ours will be used to make an enclosed baby play area, or shaded patio, depending what you want to call it, on the North side of the shed plus one or two for the path inside the greenhouse.



  1. and you also volunteered me to audit the accounts each year! 🙂

  2. Hi Esther, just popped by for a look see. What is an allotment exactly – I’m guessing it’s like a communal garden – am I on the right track??? I hope your little one feels better soon and is healthy and happy for first birthday celebrations. 🙂

  3. Thanks Esther I am really enjoying your blogs and have at last moved you from my emails to favourites so can access you more easily!
    I know it is the 21st century but it is a bit slower for some of us 20thcentury people to catch up but we are getting there.

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