Posted by: estherreeves | March 4, 2009

Fire and digging

We had a pretty good day on the allotment on Sunday. A friend of ours joined us on his way home from a roleplaying event, rather worse for having hit a cooking pot stand with his face !  He soldiered on manfully though and was a great help.

Using the machine

Using the machine

I must say I think the people on our allotment are a really friendly and helpful bunch. Today we borrowed a rotavator off someone and Tom managed to do a good chunk of the new part of the plot as well as the area where we are putting the next two raised beds. To do the second part we stripped off most of the grass first so we didn’t end up with lots of grass and other things dug in, I’m sure we will still get lots of things growing but you have to try.. all of that has gone into a pile for now.

Feeding the fire

Feeding the fire

However the first thing that got started was a fire and pretty much all the dead wood got burnt though we still need to rake up along the hedge bank to get all the small bits. As you can see our eldest was interested but wary. he did put some bits on the fire under supervision but mostly he threw them from a distance..

Our eldest and I planted a few peas and lettuce seeds in pot in the greenhouse. We decided we would plant some now and some in a few weeks and see how they compared and he has been warned that the weather is still very changeable. Though over the weekend it was fabulous and really quite warm.. now a couple of days later we have wintry showers.. ie rain, sleet and even possibly snow though it’s unlikely to settle here.

So this is what the plot looks like now, this time from the bottom corner so you can see all the dug ground.

New area mostly dug over

New area mostly dug over


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