Posted by: estherreeves | February 25, 2009

More potatoes

Just so we have even more potato types I swapped some with a friend so i now have the following.. most of the detils nabbed of her blog. All originally from JBA.

A handful (5 I think) of International Kidney – First early.First listed in 1879 and also known as Jersey Royals. A salad variety. Tubers are kidney shape, with waxy white flesh and skin. Very strong growing plant. Uses: Boil/Salad/mash

Plus one each of the following.

  • Vintage first earlies – Lord Rosebery A white fleshed oval variety which is suitable for boiling/mash and baking. Good resistance to late blight on foliage when grown organically.
  • Vintage second earlies – Beauty of Bute A round creamy fleshed potato with a beautiful pink eye that is suited to boiling/mash & Baking. Resistance to blight is above average and shows good resistance to common scab.
  • Vintage second earlies – Edgecote Purple First listed in 1916. A long oval yellow fleshed variety that is a good all rounder with a firm waxy texture. Very popular in high class restaurants. High Blight resistance when tested under organic conditions. Uses: Boil/Salad/Bake/Roast/Chip.
  • Vintage maincrop – Ryecroft Purple An oval creamy fleshed potato that is a great all rounder with a firm texture. Good resistance to blight. Similar to Shetland Black and Shetland Lila Lang. Uses: Boil/Salad/Bake/Roast/Chip.
  • Vintage maincrop – Peach Bloom A round white creamy fleshed potato which is very suitable for all round use. Good blight resistance.¬† Uses: Boil/Bake/Roast/Salad/mash.

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