Posted by: estherreeves | February 25, 2009

A little more work and photos

We got down to the plot for a short while tuesday morning so i took the photos I failed to take at the weekend.

Firstly about 25 barrow loads of broken slabs !slabs

We finished the small square bed for our eldest, there will be a second one for him where the palette is in the photo. We also worked out the sizes of the floorboards we have for other edging and started stripping turf to put in two more larger beds between the greenhouse and the current onion bed.sq_bed

We also put up some rope to mark the line we plan to put the fence up along which leaves space on the road side for hedging when we get it. Ihave planted all the cuttings from when we pruned the new hedge down as instructed to encorrage it to bush so if we are lucky some will take and give us more hedging and on the suggestion of another gardner I am going to take some cuttings from a bit of privet in need of trimming in the hedge of a vacant plot and see if I can root a bunch of that as privet is fast growing and free..  Finally there are several holly seedlings in our back garden which I’m going to try moving as I don’t want them there.

We also put some chicken wire round the damson as apparently the rabbits have chewed the bark of various other trees. The other three trees have those spiral guards but we might give them chicken wire cages too as soon as I’ve cleared, fed and mulched around them, I got as far as clearing round the crab apple today.tree_protect

Finally the standard what the plot looks like photo. I might start taking these from a different point though there are few others that get the whole plot into one photo, however the top part of the plot is staying fairly clear as a play area and this view point will not really show the areas we will be working on mostly ie those areas we are planning on growing most things.24022009allot


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