Posted by: estherreeves | February 23, 2009

Weekend update

A fairly short update this time and I forgot to take pictures but will try and rectify that in the week.

We managed to get the doors on the shed and by the end of the weekend even got it closing and a basic lock on it. My view of the sheds design dropped rather when we realised that while we could attack a hasp for a padlock as they said in the instructions the catches we were given to hold the doors closed were pointless as we couldn’t attach them to the shed frame due to the position of the uprights in relation to the doors. We finally bought a bolt for the inside and had to add extra bits of wood to keep it on and in the right place! still needs some adjustment to the hight of the door but that is partly due to us adding a step in front and we are letting them settle in before adjusting any more.

The main part of the weekend was spend moving in the region of 25 barrow loads of broken concrete slabs from the bottom of some else’s garden to our trailer then dropping them off on the plot for use as paths and so on. Two trips later we had moved them all and they had a section of garden free which i’m told they spend Sunday afternoon digging so a bonus for all of us and an example of Freecycle working as it should. Tom and I definitely did a good amount of exercise this weekend and while I certainly slept well I am surprised that I am not really stiff so my physical stamina is definitely still improving.

A small raised bed was planned, built and stained for our 5 year old who currently plans to grow peas, carrots, pumpkins.. more peas and…… rice ! The first three are great, fairly easy and grow fast.. though I think he will get a second bed for the pumpkin the first being only a little over a metre square. Rice.. hum much more research needed to find out if it is even possible.


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