Posted by: estherreeves | February 19, 2009

HSL Seeds

My seeds from the Heritage Seed Library have turned up.. yes I remembered to put my order in this time!

We have the following, details from the HSL catalogue.

  • Pepper – Soror Sarek – seeds from Croatia. Large, heart-shaped fruits start off pae jade (white when cooked) changing through pink, orange-red and eventually scarlet when mature and are produced in abundance. 30 seeds
  • Parsnip – Guersey – ‘Guernsey Half Long’ is a 150 year old French heirloom variety and noted by Thomas Webster and William Parks in their ‘Encyclopaedia of Domestic Economy’ in1855. In Europe parsnips were grown extensively for livestock feed with this variety highly favoured by Gurnsey farmers 100 seeds.
  • Squash – Chicago Warted Hubbard – (C. maxima)  An American heirloom developed by budlang Gardens, Chicago and introduced by Vaughan’s Seed Store, Chicago in 1894. Trailing vines produce large (5.5-6kg), warty, wrinkled fruit with fine-grained, sweet, flesh. 5 seeds
  • Dwarf French Bean – Early Warwick – Known in England before 1890, this bean is early, reliable and prolific. Compact plants produce lilac flowers followed by green pods, which are stringless if eaten young, but the attractive pink and maroon mottled beans are excellent dried. Seed Guardian Eluned Paramor found that” It thrived on drought, deluge, negect and TLC!” 10 seeds.
  • Carrot – John’s Purple – originally collected by John Purves, Oxford, in the mid 1970s who managed to ontain a pure line of purple carrots from four he found amongst a bag of ornage carots given to him for his rabbits. He passed on some of his seeds to Horticulture Research International now part of Warwick University, for thier long term preservation. With John’s concent some were releasted to HSL. Discribed by John as “crisp and flavoursome”. 50 seeds.
  • Tomato – Salt Spring Sunrise – Determinate. Bush. the late J James of Salt Spring Island, British Clounbia, Canada develped this very early variety. Seed Guardian David Frith says “Fruit varied in size from 50-200gms, quite a useful attriubute” Mark Moran adds “My wife considers this to be the best cooking tomato ever. Incomparable flavour and no blight too! I had to fight to get them away from her for the seeds!” 20 seeds

Plus my lucky dip

  • Kale – Asparagus – Listed in the ‘Vegetable Garden’ (Vilmorin-Andrieux 1885), this variety is reputed to be one of the tastiest of kales. The violet tinged, fringed leaves are mild-flavoured and in the spring, the young, tender flower shoots can be blanched and eaten like asparagus. Seed guardian Keith Woolley found that it also shows some resistance to clubroot. Compact, hardy and very productive. 50 seeds

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