Posted by: estherreeves | February 16, 2009

To do list and snapshot of plot.


So this is what the site looked like at the end of the weekend. The tarp on the shed is because we haven’t got the door on yet. Taken from the standard view point of standing at the top courner. As you can see the area where we have been walking has become very muddy but then there has been a lot of snow and rain recently, still we know where to be putting paths now !

Jobs to be done

  • Hang doors on shed
  • make sure all potatoes are laid out for chitting
  • Build pallet and/or chicken wire fence down side of lane
  • Build gate
  • Get barbed wire out of hedge at least in the top area we are going to have for the boys, before hedge starts growing again.
  • clear rubble, glass and metal from top corner of plot.
  • RotavateĀ  new part of plot as soon as the ground is dry enough (and we can catch someone to borrow the machine)
  • Build raised beds for root vegs and for permanent things like herbs. Plus small one’s 1metre sq bed (partly done)
  • Research if we can grow any form of rice as Small wants to grow rice !!
  • Clear round fruit trees and bushes then feed and mulch. (1 done 2 to go, also giving chicken wire cages to stop rabbits))
  • Paint greenhouse and shed with preservative.
  • plant garlic, rhubarb, horseradish and some bulbs as soon as weather allows.
  • sort strawberries in pots at home, take to plot and pot up for green house or plant out when possible.
  • start sowing seeds of appropriate plants at home to start growing on.
  • clear the rest of the current raised bed.

Other things we would like to do.

  • Build bird table
  • Build fort for playing in.
  • Put in concrete block so we can secure the bench down.. then bring bench up from under the carport.
  • Clear bottom courner, fiy out the ditch and look at extending it along our plot boundary if suitable.. plus regenerate plum tree if possible.


  1. I am sure some of the we would like to do are going to get done before the jobs to be done…
    I was thinking about the bench and think we ought to put slabs down as well.
    Alos re gate and frame I was thinking out to get/build gate then make frame to match.

  2. Agreed the real difference is the first list is time critical or security related the second list is anything else.

  3. well a bit closer (but I can’t edit to cross them out) as doors are now on with a lock
    site rotavated
    a tree weeded (2 more to do)
    area cleared for 2 more raised beds and rotovated (so can now build raised beds)
    Alot of the wood cleared and burnt
    a small section of barbwire cleared out!

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