Posted by: estherreeves | February 8, 2009

Snow but it didn’t stop us

10 am sataday

10 am saturday

3pm sataday.. the snow was mostly clear

3pm saturday.. the snow was mostly clear

Well it snowed a couple of times this week so much so that our eldest was off school Thursday and the sledding fun that was had as a result can be seen on my craft blog.  By Sataday it had cleared enough it was worth going and seeing what the allotment was like and in between snow our new shed had been delivered, though not my repaired computer.. which is another story.  So we pottered up to the site with a trailer laded with shed panels. You can see what our plot looked like above and see our new hedging in the foreground, with stakes holding the weed suppressing sheet down..

First off we went to the first committee meeting of the new committee as the meetings are now open to all members so really more of a site meeting which is a good thing I think.

Also at the meeting was a member of CRACIN (Coalition for Recycling and Against Coventry Incinerator) as if you look at my map you will see the current incinerator is very near the allotments and they want to push through a new one even closer and bigger to replace it. I quite agree with the bloke who spoke that building an incinerator they would be tied financially to for years is a bad idea both discouraging recycling and it’s just old technology there are better ways to do these things now.. doing things like burning the aluminium is just not reasonable these days. Plus there is of course the not in my backyard argument or more importantly not next to where I grow vegs, many other people’s homes and my kids school.. they have already been refused in Warwickshire because they didn’t want it in their area so why should we have not only our waste but all of that from the surrounding areas trucked to us just cos we are the poor relation? It’s in the middle of a city for heavens sake! Also the land they want to build on (assuming they arn’t going for the plan that would actually eat into the allotments is old allotments, take away for a road that was never built and we would like them back as we now have a wiating list on the site.

Anyway enough of the rant if you want to know more click here or find the link on my side bar.

On to allotment stuff.. we didn’t start putting the shed up as the ground was still very much covered in snow when we got there so it would have been unpleasant trying to put down the blocks we plan to use to support the wooden floor.

Battening out the roof edge

Battening out the roof edge

So instead we finished the greenhouse, or at least very nearly. We have been given some heavy duty plastic, the sort they make freezer door curtains out of, you know those flappy things.. which was a perfect size to cover the whole of the side of roof without  glass, so after filling in a few bits with wood so we would have a good seal we streached it over the roof and held it down with fencing panels that being the cheapest way we could find to get  something similar to old lath. At the bottom of the roof we put the wood under the plastic and used lots of nails so we didn’t end up with a lip for the water to catch behind.  Just need to get a glass cutter to do the final panel and we are fully sealed.. Still could do with a coat of protector but it isn’t urgent.

virtually finished greenhouse

virtually finished greenhouse

We also had some interesting sights and a couple of visitors to show you or at least evidence of them.

Firstly the visitor although actually resident might be more accurate as we are obviously part of his terratiry.

A resident.

A resident.

Then evidence of neighbours who live in the next plot form what I can see, the one full of trees or the one formally labled the lost garden on the site map which is lower down that way…. who eat anything you don’t protect.prints

and finally this is snow honest.. I haven’t replaced it with wadding.  This is the snow that was on the glass sheet very neatly and slowly sliding off.snow_blanket


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