Posted by: estherreeves | February 3, 2009

Seeds from Lidl

Lidl, our local german based supermarket have weekly specials.. not one or two things but a noticable chunck of the center of the store and it can be anyting from t-shirst to mig welders ! Among other things last weekend they had seeds at 28p or 47p for big packets plus mini greenhouses with seeds at 77p.

We got a mini greenhouse with basil and one with parsley though they also had cucumbers, kolrabi and so on.. they are mini propigators really.

We also got the following seeds.

  • Pea, Kelvedon Wonder, dwarf garden pea
  • Pea, Sugar Bon, Maugetout
  • Chives
  • Black Salsify, Duplex.. never had this but hey try anything once !
  • Gherkins, Parisian Pickling.. umm love pickles !
  • Radish Ostergruss Rosa 2, carmine colour apparently. looks almost fusia pink !
  • Beetroot Detroiut 2, red with noticeable rings
  • Squashs, sunburst, small flat pattypan type
  • Gourds, mixed, decorotive only
  • Corgette, Di Nizza, round
  • Kohlrabi, Suger schmelz, large type apparently

and the flowers.

  • French marigolds, Orange flame
  • Nusturtium, climbing mix
  • Californian poppt mission bells mixed
  • Summer flowers, mixed
  • Zinnia, lilliput mixed
  • Sunflower, Autumn Beauty
  • Sunflower, Torch yellow.. dwarf

AgainSuse if you want a few from any of the packets just say will see what i can pop in the post to you.

Also picked up two types of sweetcorn as Tom is keen to try them both by Suttons. Minipop F1 – for baby sweetcorn and Sundance F1.


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