Posted by: estherreeves | February 3, 2009

A cold weekend

Well after some discussion with the new allotment secratary about what our plot number is and what we owe in rent the result is we now have a bigger plot !  The same plot witha bit added on if that makes sense.  If you look on this map using Flash Earth I’m hoping it shows our plot before we took it on. If so you should see an Earth track with a triangluar plot to the left of it. The whole of that is now ours Plot 60 where as when we took it on it had been split into three smaller plots but we took two of those which made up the whole of the left hand side leaving just a triangle at the bottom right next to the lane.  So now we have that as well. In the mean time it was plouged, we were offered the same on our plot but it left the ground to rough to walk on pregant.. a year on however it is now just nice to grow in so we will probably leave more of the grass on our original bit for now and grow on the new bit while gradually putting in more formal beds on the grassed bit.

In total the plot is 20 rods or 1/8 of an acre which is the standard size on our site but twice that or the national norm. Apparently 10 rods should be enough to feed a family of four so even with a good bit of grass we should be able to grow plenty this year.

We also picked up some more potatoes, partly to fill the space, This time I got about  1kilo of each type and I think we got 6 in total. I’ll list them later but the ones I remember are pink fir apple, Cara and Sante. Got a rhubarb as the ones we planted last year seem to have died.. one has certainly and I’m not convinced the other is coming back this year either. Anyway i love it so even if the other ones re-appears I don’t mind having more than one sort!

So pictures.

This is the new bit.

The new part of the plot.

The new part of the plot.

This is the whole plot looking north.

looking north from the bottom right courner

looking north from the bottom right courner

and this is looking south… all taken at the beginning of the weekend.

this is from the top near the carpark

this is from the top near the carpark

Since then we have moved a lot of the stuff that was along the fence between the two bits and removed most of the fence. Planted hedging along the top half of the side of the new road (which is now tarmac not dirt). We are going to build a fence from paletts for the rest of the distance this year and add more hedging later. We also burnt some of the piles of cut down hedging you can see down the  right hand side in the last photo which are from the top being lopped of the exsiting hedge a few months ago.. there was a fire going on one of the vacant plots near by so we joined in..


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