Posted by: estherreeves | January 26, 2009

Potato day

We ended up going on the public day as members day saw us at a family get together which was a lovely day.

We ended up getting 9 different varieties but only five tubers of each and the pick was slightly random as after saying he wasn’t interested in potatos our Five year old then decided he wanted to help pick them.

This list ended up as follows though we plan to get a bigger amount of a couple of more general types.

  • Lady Christl, first early, yellow
  • Swift, first early, white
  • Organic Milva, second early, yellow
  • Cartriona, second early, white
  • Organic Remarka, early maincrop, white
  • Highland Burgundy Red, main crop, dark red with a white ring on the outside under a red skin
  • Mayan Twilight, maincrop, red/white blotchy
  • Moulin Rouge, maincrop, pink, long thin like a none knobbly fir apple.
  • Salad Blue,  not sure.. very dark blue.

Plus 2 Colleen give us free in the kids tent for the boys to grow. which according to the British Potato variety database is a first early.

Also got some onions/shallots, garlic and peas.

British Potato Variety Database –



  1. I love the blog!!

    I would love to hear how those potatoes turn out when it comes to the eating. I get so fedup with the few varieties available in the shops.


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