Posted by: estherreeves | January 15, 2009

Slowly but surely

We have started digging the ground to put the hedge in which may turn up as soon as next week so we need to get on but the weather isn’t helping and we are away this weekend. Oh well next week will have to hope there is less rain and/or below zero temps than there has been this week. The hedging comes packaging so it will last a few days and failing that we will have to heel it in somewhere but I really would prefer to get in as soon as poss.

This weekend sees an EGM to sort out who is on the committee after rather a lot of confusion at the AGM but as I said we are away so have sent our apologies, at least after that we can pay our rents which are on hold till it is sorted out and I hope some of the stress that has been around the site will disipate once things are offically sorted one way or another.

Potato day at Ryton is coming up to so hope to find time to pop there and pick up a few less common potatos to try and really need to order some bigger bags of more well known ones. Now need to work out how much space a 2 kg bag of spubs needs. Sure I saw that somewhere but can’t find it now !


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