Posted by: estherreeves | January 4, 2009

Plot planning site

I have found a nice little plot planning site called  You can get a 30 days free trial and there after it costs £15 a year or £25 for two.

Having had a play it is certainly worth using the 30 day trial to plot your allotment and I am considering buying a subscription. It is fairly basic plotting software and on that side I have better on my PC but where this site does work very well is it has a whole bunch of plants loaded up with growing details, colour coded for which group they are in and sized so they cover the area you need for each on on the plot. You can click and drag to get rows and plot basic shapes for beds, greenhouse etc.  You set when your first and last frost dates are but as it is UK based I found the default ones were pretty close for me anyway.

The site then sends you email reminders about when you need to plant and so forth which can’t be bad, though obviously that is only going to happen if you have a currently active account.  If you use it for more than one year it helps with crop rotation to warning you if you try and put the wrong plant to go after last years crop.  You can also print out the plans so even if you use it for the trial you can plot everything and print it before your time is up, you could even do several years now I think.

It’s a nice little package and has the feel of something they plan to keep adding to at least more plants etc if enough people ask. I’d like to see a few tweaks like being able to do more shapes and at least not just horizontal and vertical. Our plot is triangle in shape for part of it and where we plan to have the shed runs at an angle to the vertical on the plan. I can’t therefore use thier box shape for it but I can draw diagonal lines so I plotted it as separate lines but just a little more sophistication in the plotting side of things would be welcome.


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