Posted by: estherreeves | December 30, 2008

Long time and no posts

Well the last year as a bit of a wash out.

I became pretty much house bound with SPD, ie my pelvis bones got too loose in the pregnancy and I could barely walk. Doing anything on the allotment was right out. Had a wonderful baby boy but having done no exercise for three months I had no stamina and it took several months of walking to school to get a sensible level back plus of course a new born takes a lot of time.

However I think we are now back on track. The greenhouse is  up and all the unbroken glass in in place. We need to replace most of the roof and are deciding on the best way to do that and planning beds for next year. The shed base is in progress and we should have that sorted and the shed ordered at last and I hope to get hedging in this year too which will be most of the big structural things done.

There is pretty much nothing in currently except for the trees and bushes but they have had a year to get going all be it without as much TLC as they should have had. I plan to clear them back more and give them extra care this year to make up. We did get a few berries this year even with our total lack of care but I think the rhubarb died.

Tom has decided he wants a bed of his own, just a little one, so he can grow something and have a stake in it rather than just being the hired help and the small one wants to have chickens but much as I would love to as well for now we will stick to looking at the ones just down from us as we have to get into the habit of visiting daily first.



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