Posted by: estherreeves | December 10, 2007

Slow time

We haven’t done much on the allotment recently. However we have collected a greenhouse from Mum, the frame is at the allotment waiting for us to sort out the ground, we even brought the concrete blocks to put it on. The glass is at home to wash first and we do need to replace a couple of the roof panels as they broke either before removal or while being removed.

We have also received most of the fruit bushes so went down and planted the currents but the ground and indeed weather was rather wet so we just heeled in the raspberries and are hoping for some better weather later in the week then Sarah ad I will try and finish it off. well she will do the digging and I will supply moral support as I’m not able to do physical stuff at the moment, at least not digging type stuff.

The onions have come up well which is nice to see something growing.

The plot is quite wet but it has been raining a lot. It had the advantage we were able to assess which bits are holding the water too much, there is clay underneath and in some areas the ground is definetly not letting the water soak in where as other areas are much better, being on a slope we may put in a ditch or two to control any water running down the plot but mostly it looks like it’s more compacted ground that is likely to be a problem.



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