Posted by: estherreeves | November 4, 2007

Fence and sunshine

Friday – Tom, Sarah and I went down the allotment. Tom left after putting in the rest of the fence posts because he had to go to work, he had so little time because we had spent the rest of the morning buying said posts plus a bit of food and so forth. Isn’t it amazing how fast shopping can eat up time? After he left we did some more digging and then sat and soaked up the sun. It was strange to consider we might get sunburnt in November but very pleasant indeed.

Today (Sunday) Tom, Small one and I went back. Tom finished off the fence so it runs the whole distance between us and the remaining plot on our triangle between the two roads/paths. We haven’t finished the two ends partly because we are waiting on the hedging turning up to go along the road edge and don’t see any point putting anything up that might need moving to put the hedging in.

Tom also added some more planks to the compost bin which we have moved into place against the new fence. It was promptly used as a castle as small one wanted to be rescued from the dragon in it !

Resting after defeating the dragon !

The picture at the start shows the bottom half of the plot with fence and the third bed which has been roughed out. I may use this one as a perminat type bed for things like herbs and flowers because it is between the planned shed and the compost area.

The second bed has been dug over and had 2 bags of bought in compost made from manure added but as yet has not had anything planted. Small seems to believe that is his bed even though we have said we will make him a smaller one and wanted me to plant something growing not seeds. I might see if i can get a few young plants of some form of winter greens for him as I want to encourage his involvement and this isn’t he best time of year to see things growing. That said the onions are sprouting. We put in two types Senshyu Yellow which weren’t showing on Friday but today some have sprouted and Electric, which are red, and they have sprouted a little quicker and are nearly all though. I weeded the grass and so forth that was starting to show in that bed now before it could get a hold.

We moved what compostable stuff we have accumulated so far into the compost bin which didn’t look much in there. We have started bring any kitchen waste down that doesn’t go to the worms instead of putting it in the green bin but I am seriously considering buying a bigger kitchen caddy as the one we have doesn’t last between visits to the allotment.

By this time small is getting tired though he perked up when other kids (and parent) turned up to get some wood chip from the pile in the carpark next to our plot. After helping to fill a wheelbarrow he went to their plot to play on the swing for a bit while we packed up which was really nice for him as he loves to play with other kids at the weekend.


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