Posted by: estherreeves | October 29, 2007

Slowly and steadly


We are starting to get used to adding the allotment into our schedule though it is mostly weekends at the moment, we try to pop in Sataday mornings as that is when the shop is open and we can ask questions . The picture above is what the site currently looks like. Most plots have hedges which we do have done the long side but the tarmac in the foreground is a new road linking two carparking spaces which is part of the redesign of the traffic flow within the site. As a result our plot has no hedge next to that because till recently it was all one huge plot. Hopefully the hedging will turn up November sometime though of course it will take some time to grow. Our existing hedge needs clearing out of barded wire and in places could do with an extra plant of two to fill gaps which are just brambles now. I might look at what else would work rather than hawthorn just for variety but I’ll ask first if that is OK. Something like a wild rose or hazel might be nice.

Back to the plot not all the grass you can see is ours, 2/3s is the bottom left courner is a separate plot which we are resisting saying we will have as well as what we currently have is pretty big already, technically it’s two plots already. The brown and white shape in the middle is our first bed. We have one done and edged with boards though that is difficult to see from this distance. A second is dug over and a third half cleared of turf.

Small one and I have planned some Japanese onions in the finished bed so we have something in over winter.

I went to the AGM and the council have insisted on a few extra rules which includes all sheds etc have to be agreed by the committy first and are limited on size though I think we are still OK have had a chat about what we want to do. Tom’s parents and sister have offered to buy a shed.


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