Posted by: estherreeves | October 29, 2007

end of October


Time is getting on and our plot looks a bit more like someone is on it. My camera is playing up a bit and has gone all fuzzy in the middle I hope it just needs a clean. The plot next to us has been plowed so you can see what is ours much better now. The plots slope quite a lot over the length though it is mild enough not to e a major problem. The bottom part has been dug more recently and several people have told us there is lots of garlic down there but we haven’t dug in the right place yet to see.

Small swings from hating the idea of being on the allotment to asking to go there. Last weekend we spent hours there and Tom started on making a compost bin from pallets while he played, this Sataday he got very upset when two girls he met didn’t want to play in his tent, the ladybird in the middle of the picture, but he was pretty tired from going to see my mum over the week as it was half-term. so we didn’t stay long but we did go shopping later for some bits to do things like a fence between us and the nextdoor plot.

Sunday we went to pumpkin day at Ryton and he asked to go to the allotment afterwards so we did and spent a couple for hours there. The weather had been damp earlier but mid afternoon as really nice though there were dramatic black clouds nearby, with the clocks having just changed judge the time was a bit hit and miss. Tom got a good chunk of the fence up, we need some more uprights before we can finish it but it should do the job. We may well back the new hedge with chicken wire too once the plants are in depending what they are like just to make it a bit more of a barrier while they establish.

putting up fencefirst bed

The first pic is from the bottom of the plot with Tom putting up fence. The second is our first bed now netted to discourage wildlife from nibbling on the onions which are starting to sprout.

As well as the shed form Tom’s family Mum has a greenhouse which she will not be able to fit at the new place and her allotment is to open to have glasshouses so it’s up for grabs. I was worried it might be over the size we were allowed from my previous conversation but we have permission to put it up as we have two plots which between them is a good size and it isn’t huge. We need to sort out some time to go up and get that and various larger bits of furniture as mum is downsizing massively as she is retiring from a large vicarage to a more normal three bed house.


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