Posted by: estherreeves | October 8, 2007

Starting out

We have decided to start a blog to log how we get on with our new allotment. The plot is at the London Road allotments which is actually off Humber Road in Coventry, UK.. There are historic reasons for the name I will go into later but you can find the allotment association website here This is a large allotment site and most of the plots are hedged off giving it a much more garden feel than the standard open field look many people are used to. There are also lots of trees and wildlife around the site and the other plot holders are very friendly and helpful.

Officially we have two plots because one large plot has been cut up partly to make a new road joining up two others which come down from the main road. I will see if I can sort a picture out later. We have 2/3 of a triangular piece of land, though as far as I know currently no has taken the last corner. We chose this plot out of those on offer because it is in the middle and right next to the new area being developed as a communal area and having a four year old it seemed a good idea to be near where others would congregate especally other children.

So far we have created one raised bed nearly dug over a second and started to remove the grass from a third. We are missing hedge along the new road but have been promised that when the hedging arrives later this year. Most of the rest of the plot is rough grass though the bottom has been more recently used as a bed and apparently has garlic in it. We plan to have the top of the site as the shed area and open grass to play and sit on with a couple of apple trees, then have some beds and the compost heap. We are going to dig part of the old bed at the bottom to allow us to put fruit bushes in as well.

We have some seeds for over wintering greens and we may put a few broad beans in as well, other than that we are concentrating on getting the trees and bushes in as they go in over winter when everything else is dormant.


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